The Garlic Festival supports an amazing variety of local talent each year. Here are some of our past performers!

Lisel Forst

Lisel Forst is one of Nelson’s most dynamic entertainers and it’s only a matter of time before the greater world gets to know about her general awesomeness. She’s an actor comedian powerhouse who directs Broadway musicals and emcees major events. Give her a platform and an audience and she’s good to go! We are so excited that Lisel is back for the 5th Annual Garlic Festival. We know she’s allergic to garlic but that doesn’t stop BC’s hottest funny woman from serving it up with style!

Ivan Blanco Frequencies

Multi instrumental Ivan Blanco Frequencies serves up soulful vocal melodies with a positive vibe and creative flare. Captivating crowds as he layers a medley of reggae and world inspired guitar with punchy bass lines and vocal percussion all looped live on stage before your eyes. Making a double appearance at transformational arts and music festival ‘Astral Harvest 2018’ Ivan now has his heart set on touring Canada’s summer music festivals in 2019.

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Aza, a 15 year old local singer/songwriter is known for her indie/pop style and unique vocals. She writes her own music and enjoys covering some of her favourites. She is currently working towards the release of her first album.


Stacie Byrne

Stacie’s music career has been anything but linear; from singing pop songs in the backseat with her sister on long drives, belting out church tunes while her mom rocked the organ and singing Italian arias and choral music with the orchestra. Five years ago she picked up her guitar, moved to Revelstoke, and has been making folks swoon ever since. Listen in to hear her high’s and low’s and the stories she shares.
Stacie on Vimeo
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Melanie Harper

Melanie Harper was stoked to return to Revelstoke for the 5th annual Garlic Festival to play an acoustic set of folky, funky and familiar cover tunes on the Porch.
“Many Thanks to Track Street Growers for putting on the best little fest! “

Maggie May Davis

The family of friends I have built in Revelstoke, and their influence and support of my music, has always deeply touched my heart. It is here that I have decided to dedicate my time to songwriting and mastering the craft of storytelling through music. I hope you enjoy the stories that I tell, both non and fictional. Music lives within us all and it is the greatest gift to share with the world.


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